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Video Production Services

When you need to translate what you do into a visually appealing sales tool, we custom craft your ideas into your own video promotional, demonstration, commercial, series of client testimonials, personal appeal, instructional class, or documentary.

Our TouchPoint Video Production division can make your video ready for broadcast, your web site, YouTube (or all three).

video productionWith the tremendous explosion of video today, you really can’t afford to be without it.

Research shows that video will help your rankings on internet search engines and often the ranking of your web page. We do everything from concept to script writing, from an initial idea to complete delivery.

With over 35 years of combined video production experience, honed in the everyday, deadline-demanding news world, we know how to make your video effective for you and your clients.

Our Video Production Services are designed to take your story and make it come alive for your audience, just as a movie would! We provide video production services that include everything from identifying your initial concept to the full completion of your video.

Our Video Production Services involve:

  • An initial consultation where we discuss what you have in mind and the message you'd like to get across.
  • Identifying the best stories or scenarios to include in your video.
  • Incorporating stories that demonstrate what your business or non-profit organization does to personalize your services.
  • Going straight to your clients or customers if you're a business to include powerful testimonials that demonstrate how you've helped real people.

Plus, ALL of the scripting, copywriting, taping and editing involved in video production are included in our services!

Whether you'd like to produce a promotional, image video, create video testimonials, produce a commercial or create an informational video for your website, our Video Production services are the ideal solution.

We offer video production in Denver, throughout Colorado, the Nation, and Internationally. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation about Video Production.

“In addition to his extensive understanding of the media world, Neal has a passion to help his clients maximize their media opportunities. He’s sensitive, unusually patient and not at all judgmental as he guides you through the media maze. He has an amazing ability to instantly come up with just the right phrase, expression or strategy for any occasion or topic.”

Victoria Munroe
Make-If-Fly LLC

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When you need help getting your message out to the public, in the most powerful, visual way…video production from Neal Browne & Associates is the answer! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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