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Testimonials from Current and Past Clients…

Here are what a few current and past clients have to say about working with Neal Browne & Associates for media coaching and training.

"I have used Neal on a number of occasions for media training. As a former TV anchor and reporter, Neal's experience in the television news world is plain to see. In fact, Neal's my go-to guy for help with clients that need some hard-nosed questioning on camera in preparation for a tough media interview. Together, Neal and I have trained some of the most powerful business names in Denver and had fun doing so."

James Well
Owner, Agency 33



“I just wanted to write to express my sincere appreciation for all of your expert help in preparing me for and coaching me through my on camera media experience. I could not have done it without your kind and professional expertise. I cannot imagine why anyone would go on camera or radio in any media environment without first using your media coaching services. I give you my highest endorsement and would be willing to talk to anyone who is considering using your services."

Gregg Kay
Attorney at Law



“In addition to his extensive understanding of the media world, Neal has a passion to help his clients maximize their media opportunities. He’s sensitive, unusually patient and not at all judgmental as he guides you through the media maze. He has an amazing ability to instantly come up with just the right phrase, expression or strategy for any occasion or topic.”

Victoria Munroe
Make-It-Fly, LLC



“Neal is a wonderful communicator and a masterful media trainer. When clients repeatedly ask for Neal, you know he’s more than just a former journalist teaching you a few tricks of the trade. Instead, Neal has a gift for putting folks at ease and making the complex clear. Neal’s true gift is showing folks not only how to survive a tough interview but how to thrive during challenging times.”

Brad Baumann
The Baumann Group



“I once asked Neal Browne to critique my performance after we did a project. He handed me our video, told me to watch it and said: “this is the best teacher there is.” While that may be true, Neal would then be the second best. Neal’s ability to instruct his clients while making them feel at ease is rare in his profession.”

Bill Decker
Partners International and The International Business Minute



“Neal did some media training for one of my clients. We were working with a client who thought he knew what to do, but through Neal's on-camera techniques, the client discovered that being ready for the media is challenging. After our session the client was much better prepared for the media onslaught at their next event. Neal is easy to work with very knowledgeable of the media industry. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Heidi Elliot
Beanstalk Marketing



“Without media training we would never have gotten any better in interviewing or presentations, or having intelligent answers to questions, getting out of squirmy situations. That’s one of the biggest things I learned—when something gets uncomfortable how I can respond to that and have it be successful in that response. Yes, it’s worth it. I think we get more than our money’s worth by doing this, because it’s going to work over the long-term also.”

Joanne Lindsay
Policy Analyst, State of Colorado



“Media coaching has become a very valuable tool because it prepares us for all types of situations we run into as we work with the public. This coaching or media training has helped me to know what the message is that I want to convey to prepare beforehand so when any situation arises, I’m very prepared for that.”

Mary Rivera
CHP Plus, SE Regional Coordinator


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